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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Titan VDrive by Trophy Ridge
By Rich Walton
Feb 10, 2006, 06:26

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Titan VDRIVE Guide Series  Bowsight


Easy one hand use! Unlike other adjustable sights that require complicated adjustments with multiple lock downs and hard to adjustment levers.

After its introduction last year the VDRIVE has completely change the archerís ability to make fast and accurate in the field or on the range adjustments. Each archer can set the desires gear tension for the V-Drive with the tension screw directly behind the gear drive tack. This ensures that the sight stayís in place.

The Titan sight is a one pin adjustable sight that allows the archer to shoot with 1 pin, rather than multiple pins. Built with the highest tolerances possible the Titan will perform with todayís high-end target sights and work for the great in the field for the extreme hunter.  The Knob at the back of sight bracket moves the pin up or down, allowing for yardage adjustments.  Titan sights can be purchased in either .019 or magnum hunter .039 fiber optic pins with over 3 meters of fiber optic. Optional Power Plus lens in 2x 4x 6x powers can be fitted on each sight magnifying the target for both 3-D and hunting.

This sight offers the shooter 3rd axis bubble adjustment with our unique Torque adjustment feature this combination will increase the archerís ability to make accurate shots from both ground level and elevated positions. Each sight comes in Match-tech camo and offered in both right and left hand models.


  • Offered with 1 Vertical up pins in .019 micro or .039 magnum hunter sizes.
  • Right or left hand models available in Match-Tech camo only.
  • Magnum shooter bubble with third axis adjustment for elevated shots.
  • CNC machined components combine with elevation and windage micro-adjust.
  • Torque adjustment feature on all vertical pins, eliminates flyers.
    Gear tension adjustment on V-drive allows for individual adjustment.
  • Optional Power Plus Lenses in 2x 4x and 6x power.
  • Optional LED light screws into sight housing for additional light.

For more go to: TrophyRidge


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