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Venom one awesome Peep
By Rich Walton
Mar 14, 2006, 06:15

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Dr. Bill Connelly is a 4-decade archer, practicing veterinarian with a special interest in ophthalmology and president of Connelly Synergy Systems, LLC. After inventing the Spalding® Rotaflex® Exerciser utilizing a revolutionary resistance band technology, Connelly realized that it could be adapted to replace the 3 decades old tubing presently used in peep sights. He spent the next four years developing the ‘VENOM’ Peep Sight System in three plants on two continents and finally with the help of Arizona Archery Equipment, perfected this remarkable technology.  The new ‘VENOM’ Peep Sight is a self-aligning system that uses a solid, durable, highly elastic, through-the-peep Tether that has been redesigned for 2006, using a stronger, more durable elastomeric material. This Peep is the first to allow for a symmetrical Peep body with no Tether stress points.

Venom with innovative tether and Optically Eutropic peep

Connelly made the announcement from his Kingman, AZ offices, “The new ‘VENOM’ Peep Sight is a major advancement in Peep Sight technology in that it is automatically, at the draw, rotated into proper shooting position by using our ‘Everlastomer™, high visibility Tether. The Peep itself is manufactured from an almost indestructible polycarbonate that features a large .30” dia. aperture and is molded in our special Horizon Blue™.”

Connelly continued, “We manufacture our Peep in Horizon Blue because it is ‘Optically Eutropic’, or virtually the same color as the atmosphere in pre-dawn and post-sundown light conditions, which are the optimum hunting periods. This color is easy on the eye, allowing the pupil to adjust more rapidly in those critical seconds between the time the Peep is drawn to the eye, the target is acquired and the arrow released.”

Large aperture allows for complete sight pin picture

“The huge .30” aperture” said Connelly, “allows the archer to capture the entire sight guard with all pins inside the Peep aperture (Centering) rather than a single sight pin, which increases the accuracy of every shot. Also, the ‘VENOM’ is especially valuable with short axle bows as it can be virtually laid flat and still provide a large sighting hole. Another plus is our new design Cable Clip is much more secure than anything currently on the market. I believe that once an archer shoots the ‘VENOM’ it will be the only Peep they will shoot.”

The ‘VENOM’ Peep Sight System is currently available only from Scorpyon Technologies for only $16. Dealer inquiries are invited:
For more information please contact:

Scorpyon Technologies
5603 Hop Toad Rd.
Kingman, AZ  86401                 Dealers only call: 928-757-9328 &

 also available at



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