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Scent Free Secrets From WRC
Nov 15, 2005, 16:38

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                “Scent Free Secrets”

 Deer avoid hunters and their hunting areas countless thousands of times each year and most of the time, the hunter doesn’t even know it!  Wildlife Research Center, inc., America’s Top Brand™ of popular hunting scents and human scent elimination products has released a new book titled “Scent Free Secrets” to help whitetail hunters be more successful.

Experts from Wildlife Research Center®, state, “Although human odor cannot be 100% eliminated, it can be drastically reduced.  If you reduce the quantity of human odor molecules to low enough levels, deer won’t notice or react to them.  The effect of minimizing human odor can have a huge impact on the quality and quantity of deer you see.” 

“Scent Free Secrets” contains no filler material, just hard-hitting information and methods on how to beat the number one defense of a big game animal, his nose.

Just a few key chapters in “Scent Free Secrets” are, Don’t Trigger His Alarm, Keep Your Stands “Smoking Hot”, Clothing Preparation, Making Your Hunting Clothes into a Human Scent Elimination Suit, and much more.  A lot of the information is totally breakthrough and has never been in print.  “Scent Free Secrets” is a must read!

Like all Wildlife Research Center® products, “Scent Free Secrets” is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.  For more information on  “Scent Free Secrets,” or any of the many other fine products from Wildlife Research Center®, contact:


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