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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Bearded Hen
By Rick Philippi
Jan 12, 2007, 09:02

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  The place that I hunt outside Jacksboro, Texas is Texas hunting at itís finest. The ranch is loaded with Deer, Turkeyís, and an abundance of feral hogís. I have approximately 1,500 acres to hunt. The terrain is mesquite brush with a huge creek that runs right through the middle of the property. There are 7 ponds that are on the property. All the necessary ingredients are in place to promote a healthy population of wild game.

This year I have been hunting a nice 10 point that should score in the 150ís. To no avail can I get him within bow range. But the positive is that I still have a month until the season is over. I guess if I donít get him this year he will still be there next.

The other night I was hunting my DOUBLE BULL MATRIX. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement. A nice 10 point buck was making his way to my stand location. I would estimate the buck would score in the low 130ís. The buck was wired and extremely nervous but slowly he was heading my way. This went on for about ten minutes when out of no where a doe made her way by and totally captured the buckís attention. He took off after her and I never saw him again.

I was ready to get out of the ground blind when I noticed some movement off to my left. Here came a flock of turkeys and they were on crash course towards me. The lead bird was a large bearded hen. Bearded hens are legal in the fall in my county. Slowly I reached for my BOW-TECH ALLEGIANCE. The bearded hen was now 8 yards. Slowly I went to full draw. I picked my spot and sent the TERMINATOR HUNTER SHAFT by CARBON EXPRESS on its way. The shot was good and it was over.

Now, anyone that knows me understands that I am a turkey-aholic. I have taken many toms with my bow but never a bearded hen. I was as thrilled as if I had shot my first bow killed bird. What a grand ending to a great day in the woods. Now I canít wait to return to look for that big 10 point.

Good hunting,


Equipment used: Opinions of Author
  1. Trophy Ridge drop away rest (quiet and extremely accurate)
  2. Allegiance bow by Bow-Tech (Fast and quiet as skud missile)
  3. Double Bull Matrix Blind (a killing machine, in my opinion, the best quality ground blind on the market)
  4. Carbon Express arrows- Terminator Hunter (durable and dependable, been shooting Carbon Express for the last 6 years and they always performed above my expectations)
  5. Razor Cap broad heads by New Archery Products (the best cut on impact broad head on the market, they fly just like a field tip. Best broad head I have ever shot, PERIOD!!!)

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