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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007 - 18:37:03

Guardian Tree Climbing System
By Rich Walton
Jul 5, 2006, 06:09

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The Guardian / Angel Wingsô Difference

Climbing with the Guardian

Guardian Climbing Safety Systems were designed by engineers, who are avid Bow Hunters, with input from physicians who extensively performed autopsies on fall victims.  The result is the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and effective safety equipment ever developed for use when hunting from elevated stands.  After all, you cannot fill your freezer with meat or harvest a trophy buck if you are lying injured on the ground.

The Guardian Safety Systems are only available through the manufacturer. 

You may order on-line via our Retail Store, or print the order form and return to us via mail for fax.

Guardian Climbing Safety Systems is the ultimate in protection for the individual who is "climbing to hunt".  These Systems, when used properly, will provide for continual safety protection for hunters utilizing both fixed-position or self-climbing hunting stands.  The Climbing Stand Lanyard, the most recent addition to the product line, provides a level of security for those using self-climbing stands that was never before available.  After all, don't they say "what goes up, must come down" and probably when you least expect it.  The Guardian Climbing Safety Systems provide for security while initially installing all of your equipment, while hunting, and while descending to track the trophy buck you just hit.  Complete protection for the individual choosing to "climb to hunt" is now available.  Don't take unnecessary risks with your life.  Purchase your Guardian Climbing Safety System NOW! 

For information on what the experts you trust have to say about the Guardian Climbing Safety System check out the following sources
  • "Tree Stand Safety Systems" by Jeff Murray, Guns & Gear, September 1999
  • "Falling To Conclusions" by Bill Krenz, Bowhunter 1999 Gear Guide
  • "Just in Case" by Tom Barnett, North American Hunter, September 1998
  • "Accessories For the Serious Buck Hunter", Whitetail Journal, 1998 Deer Hunter's Ultimate Buyer's Guide
  • "The Guardian System: Compete Treestand Safety at Last" by Russell Thornbury, Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine, November 1997.
  • And many more

The Guardian Difference:

The Guardian is the only system we know of that enables the hunter to be secured to the tree through all aspects of tree stand hunting:

  • installing climbing equipment,

  • climbing to and from your hunting position,

  • climbing past obstructions,

  • while hunting,

  • even works with self-climbing style tree stands.

  • Guardian is the only system we know of that offers a true full-body harness constructed of 6000 pounds per inch tensile strength mil spec webbing along with load-rated snaps and hardware to ensure safety and reliability.  Design, materials, and craftsmanship make the difference.

  • Know the difference and be informed before you purchase.   Many companies offer harnesses they call full-body harnesses, but these are often only safety belts with leg and/or shoulder straps attached, many with plastic load-bearing hardware.

Why you canít afford to climb without the Guardian System:

  • Statistically, one out of three hunters will fall resulting in severe injury or death.Hunting with the Guardian Safety System

  • Most falls occur when climbing or installing tree stands, not while in the stand.

  • Most hunters that use a safety belt or harness while in the stand cannot use it when climbing.

  • A safety belt alone MAY be fine for fall restraint but can kill or seriously injure you in a situation when fall arresting is required.  The Guardian systems effectively handle both fall restraint and fall arresting.

  • A trip to the emergency room for a simple injury can cost well over $400.  A more severe injury resulting in a 3-day hospital stay can easily cost over $2,500 plus lost income.  The cost of death is immeasurable by your family.

  • You will not let anyone take away your right to hunt.  Do not let an accident take away your health and ability to hunt!!


Guardian Climbing Safety Systems are rated for individuals under 250 pounds and over 5'4" tall.  The component parts are designed to work together as systems and should not be used in conjunction with safety equipment from other manufacturers.  Non-Guardian components may not be properly designed or load-rated and could endanger your life.

You may purchase many of our products from your local dealer, or you may purchase directly from us through our on-line retail store.  If you prefer not to send your credit card information over the Internet, simply indicate for us to call for credit card information when you place your on-line order.

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