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NAP QUICK TUNE 2100 The Rest to Shoot
Oct 31, 2006, 00:28

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Want a better drop-away arrow rest at a better price? Reach for the all-new NAP QuikTune 2100 drop-away arrow rest. It's a next-generation drop-away with the features you want and the value you deserve.
Setup is especially fast and easy with the new NAP QuikTune 2100 arrow rest. Bolt the QuikTune 2100 in place, attach the activation cord to your bow's down cable, conveniently adjust the length of that cord with a set screw located on the rest, and then quickly adjust the rest's centershot and launcher elevation. That's it. Setup is complete.

But there's more. The new NAP QuikTune 2100 allows you to conveniently adjust drop speed. By adjusting the drop speed of the rest's launcher arm to the characteristics of your particular bow and arrow setup, you will achieve complete fletch clearance, improve arrow flight and significantly boost your accuracy.
And you'll do all of that at a price that won't make you scream. The new NAP QuikTune 2100 drop-away is a most advanced arrow rest with a very friendly price.   

For more information, or to equip your bow with today's best value in drop-away arrow rests, see your favorite New Archery Products retailer. For further study, log on to: NAP


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