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StonyBrook Outfitters Field Spray Wups Odors
By Daniel Hendricks
Sep 7, 2006, 04:09


Introducing our latest product development, Scent Eraser Field Spray.  We hope that you have used our Remediation Complex and our Body Wash to become nearly invisible where your human odors are concerned. 

But what about all the other environmental odors you come in contact with?  You know the ones…breakfast odors, ATV exhaust, and the smoke you may of had before heading out to your stand?  Or maybe you are one of those rugged few that hiked in to your hunting area and worked up more than just a little sweat.  

SBO has developed the perfect solution.  Scent Eraser Field Spray.  This unique product is perfect for eliminating the odors that we sometimes overlook or it may be used all by itself when a shower isn't an option.  Our Field Spray is a Scent Elimination product that can be toted along and used anywhere.
How does it work and why is this better than the other products out there?  
SBO has developed a Field Spray unlike any other available.  We have created a product that works on the molecular level, but behaves like an enzyme.  Our product attacks odor-causing chemicals to change their structure, rendering them unrecognizable as scent and odor.  Just mist yourself down with field spray and hunt!

Additional Uses:
Kennel and Cat box odors.
Household odors
Even works on Skunk odors!

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