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SIMS - 5 new Archery Products!
By Rich Walton
Oct 31, 2006, 00:11

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LimbSaver by SIMS has become a household word where shock and vibration control for archery is discussed. For 2006 this industry leader introduces four products for increased effectiveness in sound, shock and vibration damping. (For more information visit:   SIMS VIBRATION LABORATORIES)

NEW: Hunter's Pack. Convenient kit includes S-Coil Stabilizer, 2 - LimbSaver Ultras and 2 - Super String Leeches. A remarkable single-pack value to control noise and vibrations.

S-Coil Stabilizer

LimbSaver Ultras

String Leech

NEW: X-Press.  The LimbSaver X-Press Stabilizer is 6" long, 1.60" in diameter and weighs a light 6.71 oz.. It is available in Camo and Black and can be lengthened or shortened as needed.

LimbSaver Xpress Stabilizer

NEW:     Mini S-Coil. The Mini S-Coil Stabilizer is a shorter, lighter version of the popular S-Coil Stabilizer. It is 3.5" long, 1.6" in diameter and weighs a light 3.60 oz.. Available in Camo and Black.

LimbSaver Mini S-Coil Stabilizer

NEW: Stabilizer Enhancer. Redesigned for 2006 this vibration controller incorporates some of the technology found in the S-Coil Stabilizer to effectively reduce shock and vibration. It is 1.45" long, 1.66" in diameter at 34.9 grams.

Stabilizer Enhancer

NEW: Silent Fletch Packs. Put 6 of the best selling LimbSaver 4" multi-color fletches into a 36 pack and you have enough to fletch 1 dozen shafts for a faster, quieter, more accurate arrow.

Silent Fletch

SIMS; 'Products That Work'
For more information visit:   SIMS VIBRATION LABORATORIES


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