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Stonybrook Outfitters Has Your Lure
By Dan Hendricks
Nov 21, 2006, 17:15

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StonyBrook Outfitters has come crashing into the hunting industry with a complete line of products designed to increase the performance of the serious big game hunter.  

The first level of excellence to be achieved was their unique line of odor elimination products.  SBO's products have been scientifically researched, developed and perfected to eliminate telltale odors by changing the molecular level, while behaving like an enzyme.  Their product attacks odor-causing chemicals to change their actual molecular structure, rendering them unrecognizable as scent and odor.

    Their scent elimination product line includes Scent Eraser Remedial Capsules, which are a food-grade activated carbon combination that captures the body's internal, sub-dermal and digestive orders.

    SBO's Scent Eraser Hair and Body Wash is so powerful it will keep you scent free for the entire day.  Yet unlike other similar products, there is no anti-microbial smell to alarm game.

    SBO's Scent Eraser Field Spray is designed to alter human odor, as well as many other odors to an unrecognizable form at the molecular level.  It's effectiveness has been quickly proven in the field with phenomenal results in pursuit of all forms of big game.
   In 2005, StonyBrook Outfitters merged with Tank's Fatal Attractor and immediately enhanced the already effective Fatal Attractor line of animal urine lures by developing and perfecting the patent-pending Fatal Attractor DNA (Deer's Natural Aroma) and ENA (Elk's Natural Aroma).  This innovative lure captures all of the scents from the entire animal's body, including its glands, skin, feet and genitals.  It, quite simply, is an "entire deer or elk in a bottle" making it the most complete, innovate and effective lure on the market today.

    StonyBrook Outfitters also has a complete line of 100% pure deer and elk urine collected from a single animal as well as an economy blend of mixed animal urine.  To further enhance your scent camouflage, SBO offers cover scents in Acorn, Pine, Fresh Earth, Fox and Skunk Scent.

   For the serious big game hunter, StonyBrook Outfitters offers the scientific solutions to design the perfect program to eliminate odors and attract the wiliest of big game animals.  For more information on SBO's complete product line visit our websites at: and  

StonyBrook Outfitters equips today's big game hunters with all of the Scent products necessary for their maximum success, including Scent Eraser and Fatal Attractor DNA Lures for deer and elk.

Patent Pending DNA and ENA
Fatal Attractor Buck and Doe Whitetail Deer Urine
Fatal Attractor Bull and Cow Elk Urine
Cover Scents:
    Acorn Scent
    Pine Scent
    Fresh Earth Scent
    Fox Scent
    Skunk Scent
Odor Eliminators
    Scent Eraser Field Spray
    Scent Eraser Hair and Body Soap
    Scent Eraser Remedial Capsules

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