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New Trophy Leaf from Wildlife Research Center
By Ron Bice
Apr 24, 2006, 00:29

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Wildlife Research Center, inc., America’s Top Brand™ of hunting scents and human scent elimination products has developed the Trophy Leaf™.  This break-through new product is a scented dispenser offering unique and critical advantages to the hunter using scent to attract wildlife or mask human scent.


The Trophy Leaf™ is a specially formulated plastic scent dispenser impregnated with a super-charged scent.  They are available in a variety of attractor scents and masking scents.  The clever design of the Trophy Leaf™ lends itself to that of a natural leaf blending nicely into the natural environment.  The unique leaf-like veins maximize scent dispersal.

The Trophy Leaf™ comes in Estrus, for the whitetail hunter and Elk-Fire for the elk hunter.  Both are highly effective at attracting game.  The Trophy Leaf™ masking scents come in popular Earth, Pine and Acorn.  Set them out around your hunting location to mask your human scent during the hunt.

Utilizing the flexible clasp system incorporated into the Trophy Leaf™, hang one or more from a branch or twig about five feet above the ground.  The super-charged scent of the Trophy Leaf™ will be carried down wind to the intended quarry.

Just clip and go to bring bucks in close

Suggested Retail for the Estrus Trophy Leaf™ and Elk-Fire Trophy Leaf™ 4-pack is $9.99.  Suggested Retail for the Earth Trophy Leaf™, Pine Trophy Leaf™ and the Acorn Trophy Leaf™ 4-pack is $6.99.  All 4-packs come complete with a convenient airtight container.

Like all Wildlife Research Center
 products, the Trophy Leaf™ is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed to work for you.  For more information on the Trophy Leaf™ or any of the many other fine products go here:  Wildlife Research Center.


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