Author: Bernie Barringer

Big Bucks in Offbeat Places

Tiny pieces of property on the edges of suburbia produce some giant bucks each year. Small pockets of public hunting lands, even parks, some as small as 5-10 acres offer options for the bowhunter.

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Bowfishing Spring and Summer Fun

Bowfishing is one of the most exciting ways to get out with your bow and the targets are plentiful. It’s easy to get started and with a few tips from Bernie, you’ll be on your way to some real bowfishing family fun.

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Prepare Now For Fall Black Bear

Take it from Bernie Barringer, spring is a great time to combine use of the ScoutLook Hunting app, and some in-field recon, to locate prime bait sites near water sources, and ridges that big boars like to use as travel routes.

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