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Deer Myths Exposed

Here are 5 myths about deer behavior every hunter has heard and thousands of deerhunters believe to be true. Jeff Sturgis takes 5 of the most well known widely accepted behaviors that are what’s known today as, disinformation.

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Lets Talk Buck Beds

In your deer hunting woods, do you know where the mature bucks bed? I think you’ll agree, that would be good to know. In this video Jeff Sturgis tells you how to it.

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Wolf Pack Fights Bear

A wolf pack in Canada’s frozen north protects their wolf cubs from a black bear. On Frozen Planet cameraman Jeff Turner spends a year with a wolf family, learning how they survive in this harsh wilderness. In this video Turner films an encounter when the pack fights a black bear with its eye out for a wolf cub .

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Cover For Deer, Where You Want It

The easiest wildlife cover to plant is Switchgrass. And now is the time to plant. It will be fully established after only 2 Summers of growth! Here is how to plant switchgrass for sure-fire success in establishing safe and beneficial habitat for deer, small game and other wildlife.

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