Author: Brian R. Kightlinger

Rain, Rain, Go Away! Part II

We all have to make choices. For Brian Kightlinger the choice was to not hunt for Heartbreaker but try another plot of forest land. Wondering if he made the right choice he went to find his ‘Lucky Tree. The first surprise of the hunt.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away! Part I

Brian Kightlinger was after the buck he dubbed Heartbreaker. He had the photos and the season was on but the rain and high winds were relentless. Determined to have a good season, in spite of the weather, he hit the fields.

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Brian Kightlinger set his Spy Point cameras out, made his mock scrapes and then couldn’t believe his eyes when the first photos that came in showed a massive buck he would name Heartbreaker. The hunt is on.

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