Author: Brian R. Kightlinger

Happy 40th Birthday

Brian Knightlinger grabs his bow and Black Eagle Arrows and heads out to Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve in Greeneville, West Virginia to hunt for Corsican Ram and wild hogs.

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A Tribute to Big C

I left my perch 20 feet up and went to retrieve my arrow. I found it easily and once again it was covered in red blood and in perfect shape. I then followed the easy to follow blood trail to my Ohio 10 point.

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My Secret to Success

Around 4:40, I caught movement coming from my right. It was him! He was coming in to hit the scrape. I let him close the distance to 18 yards, get into the scrape, turn broadside and I took the shot. The deer was a 3.5 year old 8 point that dressed out at 195.

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The big buck, following the scent trail behind a large tree. He continued to grunt and sniff the wind as I drew, and then he stepped out and started walking away. I had one opening and was ready.

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