Author: Clay Newcomb

.45 Caliber Round Found in Bear’s Skull

The slug entered the skull a couple inches behind the eye, passed through some hollow space in the skull, and exited the skull between the bear’s eyes. It never penetrated the brain cavity.¬†Amazingly it didn’t kill the bear.

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Project: Hunting Mule | Episode 6

In the final episode, Clay’s training comes to a climatic point of potential validation as he finally tries to get on Izzy’s back. This is the moment when all the patience and training come to bear.

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Project: Hunting Mule | Episode 5

In week four of training/breaking Izzy the mule for hunting bear, Clay moves to the next step of trying to get her to take a bit. Never having anything in it’s mouth she didn’t want, this is always an iffy step.

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Project: Hunting Mule | Episode 4

After 3 weeks Clay is able to work with his mule. Now he attempts to put, first, the saddle blanket on it’s back. If that goes well, he’ll put the saddle on. That didn’t go as well as he would have liked but the mule stood again and Clay was able to cinch it up.

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