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Breakfast: Venison Steak & Egg

I’m up an hour before today’s daylight creep begins. That give me time to cook up a Venison Steak and Egg for breakfast. I’m gonna use one of my favorite ways to make this breakfast, straight from YouTubes’ Linda’s Pantry.

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Stuffed Venison Backstrap

HowToBBQRight on YouTube shows us how to make his delicious grilled Stuffed Venison Backstrap. It’s stuffed with a signature mixture and wrapped in bacon to hold it together and …

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Best How-to Butcher a Deer

This video demonstrates the way to break down a deer carcass into boneless cuts, without the use of a saw. Learn tips on how to keep your meat clean, where to separate joints, and how to remove gristle and silver skin.

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Corn Fritters, Hillbilly Kitchen Made

How about having some old fashioned Corn Fritters for breakfast today! The way my grandmother made them sets the bar pretty high so I scoured YouTube for recipes and ways to cook Corn Fritters. And I found what I was looking for at The Hillbilly Kitchen

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Venison Omlett For Breakfast

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make venison for breakfast. And this video by DeerMeatForDinner’s Robert Arrington is a dandy. One of his YouTuber comments says “WARNING: DO NOT WATCH WHILE HUNGRY.” He’s right!

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