Author: Dick Latimer

PAPA BEAR: The Tax On Archery

One of the most propitious moments of all of my years spent quietly working in Washington, D.C. for our sports of archery and bowhunting came that day when Sen. Lott started telling us about a meeting he’d had.

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PAPA BEAR: Chap 16

Fred Bear shared with us bits of advice, wisdom, books, newsletters or articles that he felt were worth our time and effort to read and live by. Perhaps you might gain more insight into his way of looking at things and in what he felt was really important in life.

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PAPA BEAR: Chap 15

Dick Latimer heard the soft chuckle from just outside his office door and knew he had “been had” again. Papa Bear stuck his head in with a huge grin and shake of his shoulders and said, “You take care of this one, and I’ll go get another!”

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PAPA BEAR: Chap 14

No book about Fred Bear could be complete without mentioning the man who probably had the most to do, next to Fred, with the growth of Bear Archery during the 60s, 70s and early 80s. That man was Robert Fenton Kelly. Most of us who knew and worked with him always simply called him Kelly.

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