Author: Doug Bermel

Turkey Hunting: 2018

All of a sudden, a tom sounded off 10 yards behind me. It caught me by surprise. It was so close it sent a chill through me as I grabbed my bow. There, right in front of my blind, were two toms strutting past the window.

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Mobility in the Field

One of the biggest obstacles for the disabled hunter is getting into and out of their hunting area. Doug Bermel has a few suggestions as to how to do that and a product that will help make it easier, safer and more convenient.

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Missouri  Deer Hunt

Doug Bermel attended an SCI Banquet and took a chance on a bid for a whitetail hunt in Mo. He got it and picked Sept for him and his son Justin to go. Everything at the lodge was incredible and a campfire doe and two trophy bull frogs were taken.

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Bowhunting Danger in the Blind

For Doug Bermel, a disabled person, challenges are faced every time he enters the woods. On this day, muddy, with freezing temps, his hunting blind presented a whole new dangerous situation.

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Turkey Hunting in MN

Sitting in the blind, wind blowing, no action to speak of Doug gets ready to pack it in for the day when his grandson Reyden saw some birds coming in to the decoys. It was time for some turkey action.

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