Author: Engee Potgieter

Hunt for the Elusive Bushpig

Looking at the pig in the dim light from our headlamps I couldn’t help but feel a shiver run down my spine, the pigs massive head and pale white face, adorned with numerous scars and huge bulging warts gave the boar a truly menacing appearance.

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Stalking Fallow Stags in Africa

First introduced from Europe during the early 1800’s, the Fallow Deer has actually become a rather popular hunting specie in Africa because of their superb meat quality as well as the fact that many farmers want hunters to cull the migratory populations at a bargain price.

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Stalking the Dunes of the Kalahari: Pt 2

The next morning started out just the same as the day before as Roland and I headed out in search of a trophy Gemsbuck, we spotted a great many fantastic specimens but getting to within shooting range with the crossbow was proving very difficult.

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