Author: Frank Addington Jr.

STRAIGHT TALK: Dave Staples Pt 2

Dave Staples of the Archery Hall Of Fame, “My belief is that every sport must have a Hall of Fame as a permanent home to honor those whose careers contributed to the promulgation of the sport and to keep alive and accessible the history of the sport and industry.”

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STRAIGHT TALK: Dave Staples, Pt 1

Dave Staples was a major contributor in the worlds of archery and bowhunting. He was instrumental in forming, expanding and working with  many of the influential organizations that came up in the archery and bowhunting worlds.

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STRAIGHT TALK With Ann Hoyt, Pt 3

In Part 3 of his interview Frank Addington begins with, “The Two Ann’s” are well known and loved by those in the archery industry.  They are Ann Clark and Ann Hoyt and they were archery’s fiercest competitors. But bowhunting made them the very best of friends. 

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STRAIGHT TALK With Art Champoux

Pro-Shop owners and their employees are the unsung heroes of the archery industry.  A good pro shop can do a great job promoting the sport by setting up new archers, getting them started on the right foot and being there to help them as shooting or equipment problems arise.

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No Time For Target Panic

I’ve seen some really good archers develop target panic and watched them struggle with it, change equipment, practice and try everything to kick this bad habit.  I am of the mind set that most of us can’t “shoot through” target panic.

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