Author: Frank Springer

Stay Tight – Stay Hunting: The Aglet

Loosened or untied laces slow us down, are dangerous and force calves, ankles and feet to work harder and cause chaffing and blisters and the worst; a strained or broken ankle of foot. “And there goes your hunting season!” Frank has an easy fix.

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Gear Review: Rallt Hammocks

Frank takes a look at the Rallt Hammock. Lightweight, easily packed in, set up and provides reliable comfort. The final tally points to the perfect night sleep when in the wild, or back yard.

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Gear Review: Benjamin Marauder

The Marauder has a hardwood stock with adjustable cheek piece, standard sling swivels,adjustable 2-stage match-grade trigger which keys the flight of the .22 caliber pellet up to 1000 feet-per-second along with 31.7 pounds of terminal energy.

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Gear Review: Fatboy Lamzac Lounge

You don’t inflate this seat/lounge, you just ‘scoop’ the air to fill it, close it up and relax. Holds up to 440 lbs so it’s no lightweight. Folds up to a small easily pack for lightweight carry. What’s not to like?

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