Author: Gary Elliott

Gear Review: Gorilla Kong Expedition HX Ladder Stand

Adding to the comfort and quiet, this stand features a padded, removable high density foam armrests and a stabilizer bar with sound dampening tension system to eliminate noise. The folding footrest makes it convenient and easy to pop up and prop your feet or flip down quietly to stand and get in and out of the stand. The 4 easy to install ratchet straps provide stability and safety and make this ladder stand quiet and a pleasure to climb in and out of.

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Living with Coyotes in Suburbia

Within the last year, it’s been reported in the news media that a coyote was spotted in a suburban area. Coyotes are literally everywhere. Here are some suggestions on dealing with them.

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48 Year Old Newbie: Part 2

How after 48 years I took the leap to get into bowhunting. I will attempt to relay my first year of learning the sport and preparing for that first hunt. I hope you will enjoy my journey and if you too started into bowhunting later in life you’ll understand how I felt. Main thing, it doesn’t matter how old you are when you decide to take the plunge. It is still never too late to pick up a bow and head to the great outdoors.

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