Author: Jason Herbert

The Tale of Garfield

Feeling pretty defeated, I got on my knees to relax a bit, planning in my mind the next morning’s hunt when I heard a very loud ‘GRUUUNNNTTT’. The next few seconds are a blur as I looked in the direction of the grunting buck to see Garfield’s tall rack working toward me. He was close.

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Scent Control Starts Now

Jason Herbert is a loyal scent control disciple and Jason knows that, even though deer season is still a month away, his scent control regimen starts now. Here’s what he orders and why he ordered it so early.

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Versions of the Poor Man’s Foodplot

When creating a food plot I always consider two things. First, am I going to hunt it? And second, if so, how am I going to access it? Also, what wind do I need? This in itself is a entirely different topic, but always consider these questions before selecting a location for your food plot.

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Technical Gear and Tricks for Mushroom Hunting

I don’t know what I enjoy more, eating the morels after a long day or spending time in the woods with my family and watching how much fun the kids have just finding them. Either way, here are some steadfast rules that I try to stick to when mushroom hunting.

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