Author: Jason Herbert

Stick to the Plan

I had been out in the woods since 5:30 am. It was now 11:00 am and I was birdless. Most hunters would have given up long ago. I had a plan and about 11:25 it worked. Three longbeards came into my calls like they had read the script.

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How to Care for and Transport Scent Free Gear

Many well meaning hunters make the investment in scent control clothing and gear but do little to protect and preserve it. Often these same hunters contaminate their gear, get winded by an animal and give up on scent control altogether. Here is how you get rid of the problem.

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James Brion- The Land Management Madman

Jason Herbert has the chance to speak to land management legend James Brion. James has made a living out of what Jason considers a hobby- successfully managing hunting properties for over 25 years. The proof is in the quality of the bucks.

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My 5 Phase Plan For Wild Turkey Hunting

A short time later, around 11:25 am, when many turkey hunters would have gone home, my plan had worked. Three long beards approached and responded to my sweet calls like they had read my plan. By 11:30 am, I had one giant Tom slung over my shoulder and was heading back to the truck.

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ScentBlocker Releases ‘The Beast’

The Beast’s non-human profile, 3D leaves, multi-toned grasses and Trinity scent control technology combine to make the Beast the ultimate assault weapon no matter what game you are hunting. Don’t miss: ScentBlocker is taking pre-orders now!

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