Author: Jason Herbert

Scott’s Trophy Memories

I often describe ScentBlocker’s fearless leader Scott Shultz as a “Modern Day Fred Bear”. When I call him that- he humbly smiles and reminds me of how blessed he is. But, the nickname is well deserved.

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Graduation Gift: Africa

What a wonderful graduation gift, a hunting trip to Africa where this young lady would have a great time and try to be the first lady to achieve the Grand Slam of Springbok.

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Safari Scent Control

Safari Scent Control- Primal, Modern, and Everything in Between. The Robinson Outdoor Products group are in Africa and Jason Herbert sees how the hunters there cover up their scent. Sure glad we have ScentBlocker.

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Off Season to On Season

Season’s over, time to put away our gear and start thinking about picnics, right? Wrong. In this installment Aaron Zimmerman lays out his summer, pre-season whitetail plan.

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