Author: Jen Jenkins

Bear Baiting 2018

Jennifer Jenkins knows a few things about baiting bear and wants to share them with you. Want to bait right? Here’s some tips on getting a bear to your bait and making the right shot.

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Kids and Bears

Kids, only kids for a short time. Adults, we take things too seriously sometimes. We get busy doing what we do. As an outdoor loving Mom, Jennifer knows the real way to child’s heart, take them with you. Share your outdoor time with them. Even baiting for bear.

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Jen is Back

Jennifer Dewey is one great outdoor lady and now she’s back with bowhunting. Jen took some time off but stay tuned for some exciting bowhunting/gear articles that will make you want to join her on each one.

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A Lion’s Tale

Jennifer Bickel hunted alone. Now she decided to go shed hunting alone and found herself eye to eye with a mountain lion.

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Gear Review: Toxic Broadhead

Jennifer Bickel takes a look at the unique Toxic Broadhead. Designed like no other broadhead on the market she wanted to know how it flew and what it did when it hit it’s target.

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