Author: Jim Miller

Late Season Rut: Texas Style

The rut in south Texas can be unpredictable but on this hunt the weather was perfect and the result was a great buck came in to rattling and grunts for another successful bowhunt for Jim Miller.

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Comancheria Whitetails

Jim Miller gets a late night phone with an offer he couldn’t turn down. Hunt large, mature whitetails with one of the highest rated outfitters in Texas, Bar None Hunt Company.

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24 Hours of Hell in the Life & Times of Jim Miller

People think the life of a TV celeb, bowhunter and guide is pretty exciting. Pretty glamorous and filled with laughter and fun. Well, you can ask Jim Miller about this particular 24 hours and I don’t think he’ll agree with any of that. But then, this is not your average day.

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One Tough Bird & a Few Missed Shots

This shot was on the mark and knocked the bird completely off of his feet where he flopped around for a few seconds and then lay still. This is when his ‘buddies’ attacked. As soon as he stopped moving the other gobblers ran over and jumped on the ‘dead’ one.

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