Author: John Phillips

Spook Spann and His 193-Point White-Tailed Deer

Once the buck was only 23-yards away, I took the shot. I thought, “This is going to be an easy chip shot.” But when I shot, I thought I missed the deer. The buck was quartering to me and when I released the arrow, I knew something was wrong. Was it?

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Equipping the Bowman with Jim Crumley

Jim Crumley, the Father of Modern Hunting Camouflage knows his bowhunting and the equipment he chooses is the best for him. In this article John E. Phillips covers Jim’s feelings on how to get started in archery the right way.

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My 195-Inch Iowa Monster Bow Buck with Jeff Propst

To stir up some activity, I decided to rattle. I played a crashing symphony with those rattling antlers for about 20 seconds. Then I laid my horns across a limb and stood at the ready for 2 minutes. I heard Chris say, “Dad, get your bow ready. Here comes a giant buck.”

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