Author: John Phillips

Alabama Couple Score State Record Fish

Bowfishing has become one of the fastest growing sports in the country with plenty of fish to shoot everywhere. State records may be hard to come by but the fun is ample. So what are you waiting for? Get your line wet.

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The Hunt for Megatron with Jody Franken

After taking Megatron in the first daylight hours of Veterans Day, November 11, 2013, on Veterans Day, 2014, at daylight, Franken was again in a tree stand but on another farm 5 miles away from where he’d taken Megatron. His hunting partner texted him and asked, “What kind of buck are you planning to take?”

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The Buck Cameron Posey Almost Gave Away

“When I finally reached the buck and put my hands on his antlers, I knew this buck was the biggest I’d ever taken,” Posey explains. “I’d never even seen a buck this big.” And if his friend has waited, the day before, this huge buck might have been his.

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Recover Deer by Identifying Every Sign

The bowman who relies on a blood trail and seeing the animal fall will lose more deer than he ever will recover. But the archer who assumes that he’ll have to be able to see and understand even the smallest detail in trailing the deer will more likely than not recover his animal.

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Don’t Overlook Anything While Scouting

Most archers try to locate where deer are feeding or a trail where they are moving to and from food. But the most-successful bowhunters travel several steps further and read the signs much closer, longer and harder. Are you doing the obvious and overlooking what you should not?

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Put Your Ego In Your Hip Pocket

Practice alone doesn’t make a better archer. Just because you’ve been bowhunting for several years doesn’t mean you know how to shoot accurately. So, put your ego in your hip pocket. Allow someone else to evaluate your shooting and help you to correct it.

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