Author: John Stallone

Bowhunt Muley Bucks in SD

Here’s a good question: Have you ever thought of going to chase BIG Muley Bucks in South Dakota with your bow? Well, if you have John Stallone can help you but he only has 2 spots left. Stop dreaming and act.

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Deer Hunting South Dakota

Come along and watch John Stallone as he spends 3 exciting days in South Dakota bowhunting for a good buck. He passes up a couple nice bucks until he finds the one he’d been looking for. The arrow flies, the hit is good.

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Spot and Stalk SD Whitetail

One of John’s favorite hunts is during the rifle deer season in South Dakota with his bow. The rut is in full swing and the deer are plentiful. This is the story of John’s 2015 spot and stalk hunt for South Dakota whitetail .

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Javelina Hunting Special in Arizona

Javelina Hunting In Arizona with Days in The Wild Outfitters offers Javelina hunts in all three seasons Archery, Hand Gun/Archery/Muzzle loader (HAM hunt) and Rifle seasons. Our hunts are typically 3 day guided only or Fully Outfitted Hunts.

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How to Shoot Better Under Pressure

John Stallone: A lot of guys asked me about some of the drills I do to stay on top of my game. Here is a simple drill Run-Shoots I do that really make a difference at that moment before you let the arrow fly on a big buck.

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