Author: Linda K. Burch

Knock Mosquitoes Out

I am very particular about carrying too much “stuff” in my pack when I hunt.  I like only the necessities.  I now have a new “must have” addition to my hunting gear. ThermaCELL.

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Eye Dominance: Where Your Predator Instinct Takes Over!

A while back I wrote the article “The Wild Eye”, it was about eye dominance and the effect it has on hunting, and the enormously grave consequences of not paying the “Wild Eye” its proper heed.  The Wild Eye is your dominant eye, and that is the side you should shoot on.  It is the side where your predator instinct takes over.

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Bear Stew

Got your bear? OK, here is a recipe to make it into some good eating. To start you will need 3 pounds of bear stew meat, onions, peppers, etc…

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