Author: Lynne Frady

My Favorite Things

Everyone has those favorite products we just can’t live without. They make every day and night in the field better because they work for us better than other products. For Lynne Frady, her list should probably be your list. Might be already.

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So You Want A Dog: Sit Pup!

Teaching your pup to ‘sit’ is one of the most important of training your new dog. In this article Lynne shows you how and why you should teach your dog to ‘sit’.

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Gear Review: Danner Mountain 600 Hiking Boot

Mountain 600’s weigh 30oz, the men’s weigh 37 oz.. Yes hiking boots that weigh less than two pounds ladies. This new category is called “Performance Heritage” bringing together very classic styling with new lightweight construction.

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The BOW program offers ladies an opportunity to learn outdoor and shooting skills. The ladies take 6 classes over the course of three days. BOW offers classes in archery, shotgun, crossbow, bow fishing and pistol classes to get their inner huntress and target shooting skills.

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So, You Want a Dog.

Man’s best friend, the furry 4-legged, wiggly tailed buddy you have been thinking about. You have discussed it with your family and it’s time to add a new dog to the family. Now is when the fun begins.

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