Author: Matt Guedes

It Is Such A Shame

Hunting for Bezoar Ibex in Turkey wasn’t the first thing on Matt Guedes mind in light of recent events but he followed a client of Journey Hunts there and was glad he did.

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Don’t Leave Home Without It

Matt Guedes owns Journey Hunts and hunts around the world after a wide variety of game. He is particular about what and where he hunts and especially so about the equipment he uses. You should be too.

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Hunting the Dark Continent

Admit it, you have always wanted to bowhunt Africa. You can’t deny it but something has always gotten in the way. Well, Matt Guedes of Journey Hunts is making it easier for you if Africa is still a dream for you. Let Matt help you make this dream come true.

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Continuing To Grow

Are you growing or stagnating? For Matt Guedes, “I have long been an advocate of the philosophy that we are either growing or we are diminishing. I have never been a fan of neutral or stagnant ground when it comes to our growth in all areas of life. Whether it is our education, intellect, spiritual life, work, or hobbies, I believe we are moving forward or we are going backwards. “

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It’s Time To Hunt

More incredible hunting opportunities from Journey Hunts and Matt Guedes. Don’t waste time dreaming about exotic hunts, call Matt and live them.

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Three Minus One

As we were just about sure we wouldn’t see them again all of a sudden the big bull came through the thick brush heading right at the safari vehicle. He had his head down a bit and was coming right at us in a very angry manner.

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