Author: Matt Guedes

Africa’s Spiral Slam – Check

With a Kudu, Eland and Bushbuck on the ground Matt Guedes needed only the Nyala to complete his quest for the Spiral Slam. Bowhunting with Doornrand Hunting Safaris, he knew this was his time to finish the Slam.

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Hunting: A Perspective from the Holy Bible

Matt Guedes is a Pastor and an avid hunter who is often questioned about how the two can go together, from a biblical perspective. Some people attack yet some want to have a discussion. Matt shares with you what the Bible says and share his views for those who may get these same questions.

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Bowhunting South Pacific Goat

The largest goat in the group was facing away from me and had no idea I was there. I rose up onto my feet quickly, drew back and released a Black Eagle Vintage Arrow into a quartering away goat making a perfect shot.

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Grim Reaper’s Hades Fixed Broadhead

I know that for Dangerous Game of Africa I needed a different set up because of their regulations, but other than those few animals I have always wanted a broadhead set up for everything else. To feel confident on some of the bigger game animals of North America and the rest of the world, I have the best option.

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