Author: Matt Guedes

My Spanish Pursuit

February 1, Matt Guedes will fly to Spain and begin The Spanish Pursuit of taking all 14 species of game in Spain with the bow. As far as Matt could tell, he would be the first to do so.

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Exciting Hunts from Journey Hunts

Are you looking for that Hunt of a LifeTime? That one memorable hunt that you really will never forget, ever? The one you’ve been thinking about for years? Well, you won’t have a better opportunity than you do right now.

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Hyena in the Dark

The screaming stopped. Then we heard an animal running right toward us. It was grunting as it ran toward us in the darkness. It came right behind us and stopped no more than 10 yards away. My heart was pounding in my chest and I thought it was a leopard by the sounds.

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Outdoor Journey Radio: Interviews Rich Walton-Part 1

Outdoor Journey Radio Show with Ty Morgan and Matt Guedes cover the outdoor world and today they are interviewing’s Rich Walton about how and why and what is and means to the bowhunters around the world and his partner bowhunting super star and founder, Robert Hoague.

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A Family That Shoots Together….

Computers, iPhones and Video Games are having a tremendous impact on our young and developing a love for the outdoor lifestyle. The Guedes family has the right direction for all families to follow to ensure the outdoors and archery and family remain strong.

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