Author: Paul Murray

Ghosts and Addiction

The ghosts are the big bucks that we chance upon and never get a shot at or, we miss. They’re the ones that haunt our dreams. The big ones that got away. Those are the ghosts we chase, dream of, work for and fuel this addiction of bowhunting.

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Feet, Knees, Hips….

It’s not easy teaching our children how to shoot archery but it’s always fun and rewarding. If you are in a position to teach a child the sport you may want to follow this simple, step by step formula from Paul Murray. It’s certainly worked for him and his children.

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We All Start Somewhere

The hunting legacy must be passed down from one generation to the next if this heritage is to stay alive. For the Murray family this was never a question. For Paul and his brother his father passed it on just as they will pass it on.

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Clear Skies….

Written Sept 15, 2001, a few days after our nation was attacked by hate filled Islamic terrorist. While we were wounded to our very souls millions of us find peace in the outdoors.

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