Author: Reed Nolan

Stalking BBQ With Candice Nolan

Candice Nolan takes us along on her video bowhunt for a wild hog in Florida. This is her favorite animal to hunt … and then BBQ! The perfect shot placement can be tricky if you don’t know the hogs anatomy, so Candice shows us a graphic on where to make the perfect arrow shot.

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My First ‘Expedition’: Part II

Follow along with Reed Nolan as he recounts his first canoe trip with his dad Wade exploring some of the many islands that dot the Allegheny river in PA. Wonder at how Reed, at ten could sleep through the nights excitement when visitors hit their camp.

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My First ‘Expedition’

“57 miles is a long way dad, “I pointed out. The rising banks of the river quickly became the most northern reaches of Appalachia. “It’s just long enough,” he said, “for your first expedition.”

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