Author: Rich Walton

How to Make Pine Pitch Glue

Knowing how to make Pine Pitch Glue is important in a survival situation but especially if you are going to make a survival bow and arrows which are coming up shortly. 

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Harmon Scents Launches ‘HeartStopper’

New from the Scent Masters at Harmon Scents: HeartStopper, a powerful, biodegradable, synthetic Deer Attractant that may be used to bring bucks in, stop them where you want them to stop, in a scrape, mock scrape, shooting lane and game trail. 

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Brie Stuffed Elk Burgers

There’s something to be said about cooking outdoors and with hunting season just around the corner, now would be the ideal time to utilize some ground game meat from last year’s harvest and share these brie-stuffed elk sliders that I enjoy preparing.

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Women of SCI Events

Women of SCI is an informal group whose mission is Making Connections. It does that by planning and hosting events for women at the Safari Club International Convention and at other venues during the year. 

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