Author: Rich Walton

The Gentle Wolf?

I received this wolf picture in an email. We’ve done a few articles on how the reintroduction of the wolf and the attempts to breed successfully in the wild has gone and how that has impacted not only the elk and deer populations but also domestic livestock, family pets and in some cases humans.

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Scouting For Game

Whenever deer and wild turkey move around in the woods, they leaves sign that they have been there. Here are somr tips to help you find game.

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PNUMA Insulators

Hunting, scouting, skiing, skating, sledding, hiking, camping, walking the dog or out for a casual night on the town. The Insulator Outdoor System is versatile enough to wear as your outer layer or as a mid-layer when winter sets in.

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Barnett: Enter 2018 The Year Of The Crossbow

Featuring a full carbon step-through riser, one-off ventilated composite stock and a machined aluminum flight track, the lightweight BARNETT Predator combines a 187-pound draw weight with a deep, 16.25-inch power stroke to generate up to 430 feet per second.

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PNUMA: Selkirk Solids

Now’s the perfect time to get gear for next season and for all you do outdoors this winter. Now through January 1st save up to 15% on high performance hunting and solid color jackets, pants, base layers, mid-layers, caps and gloves – all Guaranteed for Life.

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