Author: Rick Hanson

ATA Show Comes to Close

After a short night I was once again back at the Archery Trade Show. Collin and I were busy trying to get more video interviews on some new products coming out in 2011. It was interesting listening to what each product had to offer to our bowhunting passion.

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Never Lose Hope

I love bowhunting and this season was becoming one unforgettable year. I had shot a Pope and Young elk in Montana and a good antelope in South Dakota. I was now searching for a mule deer and a whitetail to complete my archery season. Little did I know the best was yet to come.

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The Hunt Really Begins at Home

There are many ways to prepare for a hunt. As I wrote in my last column, practice is crucial. I feel strongly about preparing for the hunt mentally and physically, as well as equipment wise.

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