Author: Rick Philippi

Wild Hog Face Off

O MY GOSH, here came another group of hogs and they were on a direct path to where my wife Cathy was standing.  Not good.  The hogs ran within 6 yards of Cathy and stopped. She stood like a statue as the group looked at her, grunting, and a spotted boar began popping its teeth together.

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Wild Boar Charge

I took one step and the large boar stood up and was face to face with us.  I froze in my tracks!!!! And the boar charged straight at us.  He looked like he had been shot out of a cannon. I yelled at the top of my lungs ”HE IS CHARGING”.

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PNUMA Keeps You Warm

Warm up this winter in fleece and wool.
Don’t hide from the cold. Get out and enjoy all winter has to offer with high performance fleece and wool fabrics to help you stay warm.

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When I find a product that I feel can benefit the readers, I love to share it. Today
I am reporting on the blinds made by SHADOWHUNTER, who make professional grade deer blinds.

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