Author: Rick Philippi

Live to Hunt Another Day

Thinking back to my younger days when I first started bowhunting from an elevated position, I would climb a tree and then stand or sit on a limb. Not once did I ever think about falling out and breaking my neck. It just never entered my mind. Absolutely ludicrous! Then I really thought I was smart when I would get some 2×4’s with some decking and build an unsafe platform to stand on. All of this was unsafe and very dangerous. This took place back in the 1960’s when there were not any treestands manufactured and to think of a safety harness was not even a remote consideration. I am just thankful that I did not fall and kill myself.

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Roughrider Scores His First

Getting your first bow kill is an awesome feeling. That is what Roughrider Hugh Charles felt when he made an accurate 20 yard shot on a Texas 8 pointer. Hugh has taken many deer over the course of his life with a gun but the 8 pointer was his first with a bow. He said the feeling was like no other. Maybe another person hooked on bowhunting? I hope so.

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