Author: Robert Hoague

Where Do The Early Season Bucks Go?

Ever wonder where all of the bucks go, right at the time that you are beginning your bowhunting season? This video explains what happens and why there is a yearly shift in buck movement and behavior soon after the bucks shed their velvet.

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What’s The Point

Back at the Point area four days later I see one of the first bucks to shed its velvet. He came from the south and jumped the fence at a long time buck crossing 35 yards from my blind.

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How To Make Venison Hash

When I was a kid my family lived in Wisconsin. One of my favorites for breakfast was corned beef hash. My grandmother made incredibly delicious hash. Later, in my teens, I managed to get my first buck, a real nice native Florida whitetail buck. Grandma used some of the backstrap to make venison hash. It was great.

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2019: Finding This Year’s Bucks

This is an area that I’ve bowhunted since 1984. There are three intersecting fence lines here that meet at the only internal road, an old and very rugged two-track that runs east to west through 700 acres of the 1,000 acre property.

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2019: Learning What We Got This Year

In late August and early September the bone of the antlers stop growing. So does the velvet around the antler’s bone. Then that velvet constricts. And lastly, the velvet comes loose from the finished antler.

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