It Can Happen to You: Treestand Safety

I grabbed a limb with my left hand and shifted my weight from the platform to the ladder sticks; at that point, the unthinkable happened…..the limb broke, sending me backwards and tumbling head first in a collision course with the ground 22 feet below.

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Federal Court Overturns Verdict

United States District Judge Gordon J. Quist issued the court’s opinion granting ScentBlocker’s motion for judgement as a matter of law and vacating the original jury’s finding of liability in the case brought by ALS.

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My First – With a Bow

When the wife tells you to go hunting, there is little hesitation and for Andrew, he was out the door before she changed her mind. This started the journey for his first whitetail bowkill.

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Thick Beams

As he worked his way into the opening I could tell he was on edge, snapping his head side to side, looking in every direction and taking slow cautious steps almost as if he was walking through a mine field. Finally, he dropped his head to feed and as he did, I drew my bow.

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Scent Elimination vs Cover Scent

For big game animals, their number one line of defense is their sense of smell that warns them of danger well before their eyes or ears ever do. If you are a big game hunter hoping to close the deal on a mature animal, understanding scent control is crucial and will make you a more successful hunter.

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The Great Equalizer

With zero caution to the wind the big bear came straight in, and downwind of us. I was absolutely floored by his actions. It was as if we were in his home and he didn’t have a care in the world. I knew at that moment the effects of BUI were truly as good as I hoped.

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