Author: Roy Keefer


Being an archer has made Africa a more doable deal today than it used to be. Outfitters have come to realize that many of us do not have bottomless pockets of money in our jeans and they have developed packages the average guy can afford.

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Bowhunt Blacktail Deer

Next year if you get antsy to bowhunt in the summer look around for states with early season hunts. You should know that Columbia blacktail can be hunted in California starting in July. 

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Gear Review: Scent Crusher Bag

For we hunters, controlling scent is a huge endeavor. Roy K. Keefer has found a company that uses Ozone to eliminate odors from his clothing. Check out Scent Crusher, the bag that helps you get closer to game.

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Gear Review: Walker’s Game Ear Buds

Turkey season is coming. If you want to hear what’s going on around you these Ear Buds are the answer. And, for the shotgunner, they also help protect your hearing. Either way, bow or gun, these jewels are a must have.

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Sitka Blacktail Hunt: Day Two

The stream banks were covered with salmon that had been partially eaten by bears and eagles.  It’s a little spooky seeing that sight as you walk along a stream bank that is covered by thick vegetation, a great hiding place for bears. 

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