Author: Roy Keefer

Gear Review: Sitka Gear

Roy and Shelby Keefer have taken their bowhunting seriously. They also take their equipment seriously and that is why they wear Sitka Gear when following their hunting adventures.

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Shooting Edge: The Archers Glove That Could Save Your Hand

Accidents while shooting do happen and sometimes, with catastrophic results. Arrows shatter, fall off the rest, go through a hand, cut to the bone. When they do the unfortunate shooter pays a heavy price. Now there is the ProTx Shooting Glove to help you avoid an injury. Roy Keefer knows and shares his thoughts.

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Gear Review: Rocky Venator Apparel

Rocky, of Rocky Boots, wanted to develop their own camo design for their apparel and footwear that was a versatile camo that would provide cover throughout a wide variety of terrains and vegetation. They succeeded with their Venator Camo and Stratum clothing line.

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Gear Review: DryGuy Boot Dryer

Boots that are wet one day usually stay wet for the next. Miserable to wear and the cause of bacteria, foot problems and ruin boots. Roy K. Keefer found a product that will solve the problem of damp boots.

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Gear Review: Bowmaster Bow Press

The basic device is a cable system which attaches to the limbs on your bow. As you turn the jack screw it shortens the cable and gently pulls the bow limbs inward releasing pressure as it goes. Once you have the bow relaxed, you can install a peep sight or change the strings.

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P&Y Club Convention: Roy Keefer

The Pope & Young Club held its biennial convention in St. Louis, MO April 6-8, 2017. The convention is a time for old friends to reunite, become informed of new developments in the bowhunting world and learn hunting techniques from experienced hunters.

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