Author: Scott Shultz

PNUMA: New Selkirk In Solid Color

Be comfortable in weather you knew was coming, or that blasted in out of nowhere. The Selkirk All Weather Outdoor Jacket will keep you warm, dry and comfortable so all you have to do is stay dialed in on your adventure.

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“Okay Pal, see you in ten days!” I stood there on the lakes’ edge in the drizzly evening mist as Jack throttled the engine and once again broke from the water, circled around and as he passed overhead “waved goodbye” with the plane’s wings and then lined out on a course back to Lake Clark.

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Robinson’s Response to Recent Court Case

Last week a Michigan Federal District court concluded with a verdict of false advertising by Robinson Outdoor Products for the company’s introductory advertising of ScentBlocker Trinity scent control technology. Scott Shultz of ROP responds, “This case is not over.”

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Wild at Heart: Facing a Kodiac Brown Bear

The growling, gurgling roar of a Kodiac Brown Bear made every hair on my body stand straight!
I was bowhunting in pants-pocket deep water in a salmon-chocked little feeder stream. I slowly eased up the creek that the territorial menacing monster had heard my approach.

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Wild at Heart: Pursuit and Surrender

Bowhunting the great African lion is not for the faint of heart. A big dominate male lion can weigh close to 600 lbs. He is truly the King of Beasts and when a lion is pursued too much he will take a stand.

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