Author: Shane Renard

Building Turkey Hunting Memories

Spring is around the corner and so is Turkey Hunting. I love Turkey hunting with friends and family and building strong bonds and relationships. I feel the camp life is just as important as the actual hunt itself. I will never forget the time I went hunting with a good friend from Amherst, Wisconsin Troy Piotrowski.

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2011 Products from Vital Gear

First let me explain one wonderful thing about this company. They are always innovating. Always changing, “Always Thinking”. This company is like a well oiled machine which designs, test and re-engineers. As if the products are evolving into a hybrid component to our bows or crossbows.

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Getting Doinked Doinker Style!

When I go to purchase a new stabilizer for my hunting set up many thoughts come to mind. Weight, Length and Cost are just a few. Stabilization has many purposes, balance, dampening, tuneability and weight. Yes, weight.

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Whitetail Management for your Property

Whatever the size of your parcel, you can make a difference in the whitetail herd. I don’t care if you only have 10 huntable acres. Your trigger management has everything to do with it. The key ingredients to help manage...

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