Author: Shemane Nugent

Lyme Epidemic Clock is Tick-Tick-Ticking

Within days of an infected tick bite you experience severe headaches, body aches and intense flu-like symptoms. This nearly universally misdiagnosed ailment, Lyme disease, may have devastating effects on the human body if not treated quickly and correctly. Be vigilant out there.

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Tearful Yoga

Yoga. It is said it frees the mind and the body, creates strength, inner and physical and flexibility. It also promotes well-being and good health. What does that have to do with bowhunting? Read the first two sentences again.

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Who Ultimately Wins An Argument?

We have all been there. Someone says or does something that really hurts us, really makes us mad and we spend hours, days, weeks, plotting, stewing, planning our ‘revenge’. Do we win? Area we satisfied?

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Lose Weight Without Trying

Here’s the secret: It’s that you don’t even try. Now, I have to say that with a disclaimer. There are certain things that you have to do. It has to be a lifestyle change.

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