Author: Steve Bartylla

Deer Browse Levels And Doe Harvest

Deer Browse Levels and How Many Does To Harvest. Some say don’t shoot does, others say shoot a lot. In ‘Grow ‘Em Big,’ Wildlife Biologist Steve Bartylla tells us how to determine what is needed for your hunting area and then how to do it right.

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Steve Bartylla depends heavily on mock scrapes in his hunting. Does he believe they’ll draw bucks several ridge tops away to his location? NO, but they are excellent scouting tools that draw a buck a short distance to a specific location and for holds them there long enough to get off a quality shot.

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Keep Your Deer Stupid

In Grow ‘Em Big Steve Bartylla Tells Us The First Step ToCreating A Great Deerhunting Spot. Watch this episode of Grow ‘Em Big to find out more about how you can have that success, too.

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